Something a little more interesting!

The "niches" at Chesters Bath House. If you do ever get a chance to visit the Wall and you haven't got much time...then I would recommend a visit to Chesters. (Naturally my favourite site is Vindolanda but for different reasons.) It is a stupendous setting with splendiferous views.

This is the most complete bath house to be found along Hadrian's Wall and you can wander through each of the rooms imagining what it must have been like to have a bathe all those years ago. (There are two equally interesting ones at Vindolanda.) It has been fully recreated over at the "Segendum" fort over at Wallsend. (Don't miss that either - if possible!)

Great Chesters (Aesica) is a great little fort. It sits on farm land along the line of Hadrian's Wall. So it can be officially termed a 'Wall fort'. I've not been back for ages and must do so some time soon.